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Services offered

As a consultant I look to find out what outcomes you're looking for, then I can use my expertise and experience to work with you to create interventions that fit your needs. These interventions normally come in the form of group coaching , One2One coaching, workshops, seminars, lunch and learns, indoor and outdoor mindfulness based experiences.

Image by Aaron Burden

group coaching

Group coaching is an effective way of providing in depth development for a smaller number of people. Typically, I would lead 6-10 people through a programme lasting anywhere between 12 and 25 hours contact time. The desired outcomes of the stakeholders and how we’re going to measure and follow up on those outcomes are agreed at the beginning. Then I’ll design a bespoke evidence-informed programme tailored to meet the learning and development needs of those in attendance. 


Workshops are short, fun and interactive sessions that can accommodate large numbers of people. They’re a really good initial opportunity to introduce a topic into an organisation, this often helps to identify more specific areas for development. I have provided workshops covering topics such as; mindfulness, cognitive flexibility, stress mindsets, appreciation as a tool for leadership, recognising different preferences for communication, how to give and receive feedback within teams.

One2One coaching

One2One coaching is a focused way of accelerating a person’s development needs. Here are some topics that I often encounter:

  • Developing confidence when entering a new role

  • A desire for better work life balance

  • How to be more assertive/ listened to

  • How to negotiate

  • How to influence

  • How to protect  well being

  • Having difficult conversations

  • Asking for a pay rise or promotion

  • Time management

  • Challenging relationships

  • Troubling thoughts

Walking and nature-based interventions

Movement, fresh air, sunlight, nature, mindfulness and coaching are all proven to improve mood and reduce stress, so why not combine them all into a winning intervention? If your workplace has access to a walking trail, a lake, some trees or simply a green space I can take a large number of people on a mindful walk. We can play with two different forms of mindful attention, open monitoring and focused attention. We then have an opportunity for a group coaching discussion about what we’ve uncovered through this experience.

Public speaking and Seminars

I offer presentations that commonly take place within a wider setting, for example I have given talks on health and wellbeing within an integrative cancer care setting to share my experience of managing a chronic illness using an evidenced informed approach.

Let’s have a conversation and we can talk more about what style of intervention would best fit you.

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