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Coaching, psychology, leadership, wellbeing and communication are my areas of expertise, if any one these are currently on your radar then please don't hesitate to book in a phone call or send me an email. I've accumulated hundreds of hours of coaching experience across multiple sectors and I'm fully committed and equipped to meet the desired outcomes of my clients.

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I studied Biological Sciences at the University of Reading. My first role at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute involved using high throughput sequencing to identify somatically acquired mutations with the aim of characterising cancer genes. Later, I began developing screens for the phenotypic characterisation of human models of disease. Phenotyping encompassed a standardised set of more than 600 clinical parameters, and covered key biomedical areas such as reproduction, development, infection and immunity, musculoskeletal system, metabolism and endocrinology. I've lead teams and projects across different disciplines, you can access my publications via my ResearchGate profile.


I am particularly interested in cancer biology, the development of new therapeutics and the evidenced informed approach to integrative cancer care. I worked as an accredited Macmillan Cancer Support HOPE Facilitator, a programme designed to equip patients with the knowledge and psychological resources to manage the physical, practical and psychological challenges that a diagnosis brings. I have an interest in evidence informed lifestyle interventions, particularly exercise and diet. I believe that committing to a healthier lifestyle can drastically improve mental health. I enjoy participating in fitness events and I am a qualified fitness instructor. I regularly practice mindfulness and have enjoyed attending traditional meditation retreats.  I have a podcast called “Finding Inner Strengths” where I interview experts and inspiring people to explore how we can build resilience.


As well as nearly ten years experience in foundational research, I have a post graduate education in Coaching and Psychology. It is very important to me to take an evidenced informed approach to my work and continually improve my skillset through supervision, further training and staying up to date with the latest research in the fields of Coaching and Psychology. 

Have any questions? I'm always happy to talk. 

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